Kizuna - The Solidarity

We have come to realize that we have great assets. We Japanese can take pride in our "Kizuna", the solidarity that binds us.

We believe that these messages inspire the power of Kizuna among the victims of these tragedies, and demonstrate our Kizuna to the world.

I fully support the initiative taken by Ken Watanabe, a famous actor (even in the US) and his friends.  Also, hoping that the beginning toward the end of this tragedy has commenced already...

The Call for taking action from Ken Watanabe:
He wanna act as the bridge between the victims and the people around the world
until the day their smiles return...

The reading of "Being Alive" by Shuntaro Tanigawa:
The actor Koichi Sato is reading the poetry - Being alive means
"Holding the beloved one's hands", "Encounter with the beatiful things,
and carefully reject the evil behind the things"...

Dedicated to the people of Japan from LA

We all stay strong.  We appreciate that your hearts are with us Japan...



This morning, my parent in law in Ibaraki Pref. has surprisingly received the goods from the unknown guy.  Actually he is my close friend in Kobe.  He never forget about what we did 16 years ago.  It was just a small parcel.

The Korean president has stated that the radiation from the troubled nuclear power plants in Fukushima will never affect the health of South Korean people.  While, over 100 Korean rescue specialists are still working in Tohoku.

True friendship, there...


Don't give up, Japan

Japan is certainly in crisis...

However, we may be able to stand for it with diligence and endurance which are the best part of Japanese people.  Also, we are NOT working alone.  Everybody over the world watches and helps us in some ways (dispath of the rescue specialists, donations, messages, etc).

In particular, don't be too nervous about the troubled nuclear power plants.  Though there are a few explosion (caused by the high pressure steam activated with Zr) outside the protecting vessel of the reactors, no critical damage is witnessed on either on the vessels or the reactors themselves yet. 

Let's stay COOL, and we shall believe the people concerned are working very very hard to fix the issue. 

The radiation level at the site is in danger, but that of Tokyo is much much less than the radiation of taking a flight from here to the US.  Whatever false messages or kind suggestions are sent to me, I won't evacuate from this capital city.

Do what we can do now, and pray for Japan!


The Day After

The Catastrophe goes on...  Over 10,000 people are missing...  The casualty is expanding incl. the confirmed victims over 2,000 people...  RIP...

Around 3 p.m. on Friday, March 11th (by JST), the biggest earthquake in Japan hit us. Even in center of Tokyo, it was so scary...

At our office, the bookshelves and chairs were sliding here and there on the floor.  Due to the continuous quakes, almost all the tranportation systems (train, highway, etc.) were paralyzed...  From our office facing the Tokyo Bay, we witnessed the fire at the factories or the oil refinery plants...

Some people were trying to go home earlier by walk (regardless of how many hours it would take), but most of us had to stay at the office till mid-night or over night.  In my case, I had to wait for a train till Saturday morning and took 5 hours to go home (regulary, it would take just over 1 hour).

The next concern will be the shortage of the power supply in Tokyo area.  Due to the suspension of the troubled nuclear power plant operations, we will have to bear the planning black-out for three hours a day from Monday, March 14th (till the paused thermal power plants are in operation to cover the capacity genarated by the troubled power stations).

We do appreciate every efforts possible taken by the SDF soldiers, police officers, fire depatments, etc.  However, it is sad to say that the disaster goes on, even now...

Pray for Japan...

Tsunami awefully devastate everything...



A letter from Toyota has arrived to me about two weeks ago.

Some fuel unit parts have to be changed to avoid any fuel leakage.  Not much serious at all, but the manufacturer must be very sensitive due to the political investigation caused by the scandal-like claim in the USA last year.

Anyway, I have to wait for one hour for nothing to do...other than writing this article.

C'est la vie...


Tomorrow is another day

A lengendary comic has become another "Thumb Up" movie.  Two young actors - Yamashita-kun (as Joe Yabuki) and Iseya-kun (as Toru Riki-ishi) are the real deal.

When this comic was published, the red army (fanatic socialists) called themselves as "Ashita-no-Joe".  Also, when Riki-ishi died in the comic, the real funeral ceremony was held in Korakuen Hall, the boxing palace in Japan.

Personally, I like the second part of the story that Joe strives to overcome the loss of his undefeated rival and fight to death for the world champion belt.

Who knows tomorrow?


Legendary double Knocked-Out by "Cross Counter"


We ARE the champions

Lee Tadanori made it  (We need him back to Kashiwa Reysol).  Japan has won the AFC Asian Cup for the 4th time.

Though I watched this final match on NHK BS2 live to avoid unnecessary noisy blah, blah, what an emotional screaming and excitement shown by these "Football Oyaji" (i.e. Sergio-san and Matsuki-san).  A great fun!


The most beautiful goal by former Reysol footballer Lee Tadanori



Too much drinks last Friday devastated my weekend...

It was a big farewell party for my German friend going back to the country next Tuesday.   I hope that she may return to Tokyo not in a distant future.

With the hang-over headache, I had to attend the final walk through of the renovation work at my condo yesterday.   It was well completed after four months of hard work and the year and half preparation.



To the nines

The phrase means "almost perfect"?   We went to  the Paris Match 10th anniversary concert at Akasaka Britz, and then luckily invited for a mini-live performance last month.  And, PM explained the meaning of its album title.  They will keep searching for better ones?  Charlie Chaplin used to say "the next one is the best".


Paris Match: Taiyo no Kiss

Silvery White

I waked up to find the world covered by snow this morning...  It become fine now, and the snow will be melted soon though.  Happy feeling for a while...