Don't give up, Japan

Japan is certainly in crisis...

However, we may be able to stand for it with diligence and endurance which are the best part of Japanese people.  Also, we are NOT working alone.  Everybody over the world watches and helps us in some ways (dispath of the rescue specialists, donations, messages, etc).

In particular, don't be too nervous about the troubled nuclear power plants.  Though there are a few explosion (caused by the high pressure steam activated with Zr) outside the protecting vessel of the reactors, no critical damage is witnessed on either on the vessels or the reactors themselves yet. 

Let's stay COOL, and we shall believe the people concerned are working very very hard to fix the issue. 

The radiation level at the site is in danger, but that of Tokyo is much much less than the radiation of taking a flight from here to the US.  Whatever false messages or kind suggestions are sent to me, I won't evacuate from this capital city.

Do what we can do now, and pray for Japan!

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