Kizuna - The Solidarity

We have come to realize that we have great assets. We Japanese can take pride in our "Kizuna", the solidarity that binds us.

We believe that these messages inspire the power of Kizuna among the victims of these tragedies, and demonstrate our Kizuna to the world.

I fully support the initiative taken by Ken Watanabe, a famous actor (even in the US) and his friends.  Also, hoping that the beginning toward the end of this tragedy has commenced already...

The Call for taking action from Ken Watanabe:
He wanna act as the bridge between the victims and the people around the world
until the day their smiles return...

The reading of "Being Alive" by Shuntaro Tanigawa:
The actor Koichi Sato is reading the poetry - Being alive means
"Holding the beloved one's hands", "Encounter with the beatiful things,
and carefully reject the evil behind the things"...

Dedicated to the people of Japan from LA

We all stay strong.  We appreciate that your hearts are with us Japan...

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